Creating Awareness

To increase awareness about the field of engineering to female students and the community, it may be important to start with primary school students and continue the efforts in high school. This would lead to sustained interest in the subject, improved recruitment percentages and increased retention rates in engineering colleges. In primary and high school, mothers’ (more than fathers’) support predicts adolescent girls’ motivation to persist in science and math. On the downside, on average, mothers apply gender stereotypes about math and science to their children more than fathers do. These have led to gender inequality, that an early awareness about what is engineering and what engineers do, must be imparted to the primary and high school female students, their parents and community. This knowledge is likely to bring about positive change in their perceptions of the field. This will bring a positive attitude toward the field of engineering would help in increasing recruiting and retaining female students. It would also be interesting to see to what extent positive parental attitude toward engineering could be attributed to the students’ attitude toward the field