The Power Of Girls To Innovate

Courage is like - It's a habitus, a habit , a virtue: you get it by courageous act. It's like you learn to swim by swimming. You learn courage by couraging

Welcome to Women In Technical And Engineering

This organization is aimed at motivating and empowering girl child to undertake and complete engineering and technical fields. Being a men's domain, we will strategize on factors that push women in pursuing and completing engineering courses, and fill in the gap to improve gender balance in engineering and technical fields.


Background Information

Gender inclusiveness in the field of engineering and technical fields has been a challenge over the decades, at times regressing, yet evolving. The number of women in engineering fields is not globally uniform. Some parts of the world have been more inclusive of women in engineering compared to others. Historically, in the development field, societies were viewed from a deficit perspective as opposed to a strength. Societies were classified as developed, underdeveloped, and least developed; or first world, second world, and third world. There is a need to rethink and strategize terms, as this would increase reciprocity in learning. Some nations such as India, Turkey, and Singapore, have a greater number of women in the engineering fields.

About Us

The organization is set to kick off this year by August. We will be based in Nairobi preferably within the CBD. Our target and point of interest will be girls within Nairobi County mostly from the disadvantaged homes and also in the children’s homes. As we move forward, we will also work with other counties and include the national government.

The main stream of funding will be from well-wishers, NGOs and the government. With the help of county leaders and policymakers, we will be able to reach to individual companies and sensitize the need of woman's power and ways to bring conducive working conditions without compromising


Our Objectives

Mentoring Programs

Provide mentoring programs to women who are studying engineering and willing to join the field of engineering.

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Create Awareness

Create awareness in the community that it is ok for women to venture into the engineering field and technical fields.

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Institute Collaboration

 In collaboration with local technical institutes and universities and the companies to facilitate and organize industrial attachment for ladies

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Facilitate scholarships for women willing to study engineering and technology. 

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Safe Conditions

Ensure favorable working conditions for female gender in the industry

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MARY WANGECHI MAINA is 24yrs old, born and raised on the slopes of Aberdare ranges in a family that believes in diversity which motivated her to venture into engineering, she has a diploma in automotive engineering and is in the process of having a degree.

Her main career goals are advancing in her career and also giving back to society by supporting women in technical fields. having been a woman in the man domains she experienced the challenges and wishes to support others who are aspiring to join the field and those who are already in the field.

Getting to educate society to embrace them all the way to having a favorable working environment is all she wants.